Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Account Services

It’s an exciting time of advancement in the state of California, although as with every other part of the marijuana business, there are regulations and rules to follow. Even though the voters and the authorities are ok with being able to purchase and sell bud legally, the banks and the federal government still haven’t accepted the fact that the business is growing with no help or cooperation. Due to the banks’ unwillingness to work with marijuana dispensary merchant account dispensaries, we’ve created a special group within our firm which specializes in assisting the dispensary owners using their payment processing needs.

Some banks in California will start checking account for dispensaries, but none is ready to provide bud merchant account services. Our firm has been assisting dispensaries and companies with their payment demands for more than seven decades. There have been. We are made conscious of the solution which will be helpful for the owners to be made aware of. The 1 solution that has been busy and working for us the past several years is the Point-of-Banking (POB) alternative.

The company buys a machine that looks like a standard credit card processing system, but the client uses it to swipe their credit or debit card, enter a PIN to execute either a debit card transaction or a cash advance on their credit card. A service fee is then agreed to by the cardholder and is offered money back in the discretion of the company owner. After the final sum is entered and accepted, the transaction is successful and the company owner will get the funds in their checking account in 2-3 days. The cost of the transaction was covered by the cardholder. After the equipment is installed the company owner pays nothing. There’s absolutely not any fee, no monthly charges or service charges of any kind. The company owner also has the option of raising the service fee and maintaining the gap between their actual cost and exactly what their client is agreeing to. The cardholder is pleased to get their merchandise and based on reviews, isn’t concerned about having to pay a service fee for the ability to purchase product using plastic.

Apply for your California Merchant Account services and purpose of banking accounts for your bud dispensaryThe second alternative for California marijuana merchant accounts service we provide functions similarly to a traditional merchant accounts. It runs through an App that may be downloaded in the App Store. Swipers will be had for devices that will be used to conduct the trades and will work on Android or IOS apparatus. 1 Android tablet will be required to conduct the side of this payment solution. Both debit and credit cards may be used without using a PIN with this option. The customer will have the ability to buy product as though they’re buying candy in a convenience store, besides they will be agreeing to a service fee when checking out. With this solution, the company pays a percentage of each solution and the cardholder pays a service fee on each transaction. There are no charges for this California bud merchant accounts.