Things To Do When Your URL Shortening Provider Goes Out of Business

My Saturday morning routine, I woke up one and followed. I started to look at my inbox and cranked up the computer. I saw a couple of emails were down. I checked my websites, I have a few, and they were opening up just fine. That left just a few possibilities. Ether some of my websites had been down, but were back up, or was down. Worse case scenario is they’re out of business.

Since I have a great deal of sites I promote, some of which are websites I use my affiliate Ids to be cloaked by shortening services and to give traffic statistics. The shortening services offer a service in best url shortener to make money that are long and many provide monitoring solutions. Since their reason for being is shortening, their names are quite brief. You’ll find name such as:, TinyURL, and enjoy that. They are growing in accessibility and number. You’ll get all you’d ever want, and more, by Googling”URL Shorteners.”

As it turned out, the shortener I used was down about 30 hours and. Stuff happens, but it is going to tie you up a little when that happens. I had and guess what? This was the only place (their website ) in which a list was preserved. With plenty of research I was able to reconstruct a list. So rule number one is maintain a list of shortened URLs.

The result was that I had 20 websites down After the shortener website experienced whatever glitch they experienced. That’s not a good thing. For those would attempt to reach the website via the shortener.

In case you have this experience, do it and you’ll have to do some damage control. Down sites mean reduction of earnings. You’ll have to replace those shortened URLs all . Because the principal objective is”cloaking” your URL (shortening is the next purpose) you can not simply expose some of your authentic site URLs. I use five or six shortening services dividing websites . This can help mitigate the problems should one of these crash.