This Guy Describes In Detail Why Working For Walmart Is Pure Hell

This Guy Describes In Detail Why Working To Walmart Is Absolute HellĀ “I worked at Walmart for 6 decades, and people were six decades of hell. Here’s a list of what they do:

1. Each year they eliminate more employees, then raise the workload workers which are still there. All these are way overworked individuals doing many tasks beyond their job description doing much more.

2. Don’t have any complete time positions for new workers unless a management position.

3. Reduce gains, in case your part time (that is the great majority of Walmart One workers ) you will not get it, you CAN get it, but it is going to consume up quite much your entire check.

4. Walmart does NOT provide off any vacations. Some may say, they provide Christmas off, NO, what they do is have everybody have a normal day away together, you don’t get an additional day off. Most of us know Walmart will get vacation later or sooner. They are merely trying to figure a way to make clients come to Walmart on Christmas.

5. Walmartone got rid of thanksgiving, they transferred Black Friday to this Thursday so folks will invest less on thanksgiving, rather than remaining at home with their own families.

6. Recall when Walmart created this huge dash about paying their Walmart workers $10 an hour? Yea. Walmart USED to cover a level 40 cents each annual increase, nevertheless right if they raised the cover they came out with a new rule in which it had been based on portion of your cover rather than a flat amount. The short of this is they currently about 20 cents or less about the annual pay increase.