Cool Stickers – Paranormal Portal?

Have you been really gon na tell me more about decals for your wall or am I gonna need to ventilate you” He supposed wall decals naturally, some fool knew that although I thought it’s best to not select him up on his error.

Strange things have been happening to me recently Cool Stickers. Initially I put it down to a misspent youth eventually catching up with me and paying me now I have put two and two together and develop wall decals.

They do not inform you as soon as you purchase them that wall decals are a portal to a parallel measurement so perhaps my home is on a ley line or something else, but one thing is for certain, once I stuck the stags head up over my fireplace I did not anticipate a braying ruddy cheeked toff in and fours to march throughout my sitting area with a smoking rifle slung over his shoulder.

I put that one down to a day on the single malts and thought nothing more of it when I place the decal of this bamboo up from the hallway beside the restroom I was quite surprised to find myself discussing my morning ablutions using a giant panda. It turns out, fortunately, they are quite placid animals even if they see their breakfast is constructed from vinyl and goes funny. As soon as I recovered consciousness I found the wall decal still stuck therefore it should have been another case of the effects of over indulgence. But are there panda shaped footprints from the flower bed by the side terrace?

The irate Frenchman which came with the decal of the Paris subway entry was something to behold, ranting because he had been, roughly’Les Rosbifs’ and’Decals de Vinyle’ before marching from their front doorway; along with the crocodile that looked after I’d stuck the Papyrus decal from the downstairs loo fortunately had any trouble navigating the stairs so that I managed to make myself scarce through my bedroom .